Sant Dnyaneshwar Shikshan Sanstha's

Hon. Shri. Annasaheb Dange Ayurved Medical College,
Post Graduate & Research Center, Ashta.

Tal-Walwa Dist- Sangli - 416 301(Maharashtra) India

Institute ID :- AYU0187

Accredited by NAAC with 'B+' Grade & ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015

(Affiliated to National Commission for Indian System of Medicine, AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.,Nashik, Maharashtra)

Part B


                                               CRITERIA 8.6 Ayurveda

                                                  PART B




Integration of different systems of health care in teaching hospital

8.6.1. a

Institutional Policy of integration.pdf

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8.6.1. b

Letter of Approval From appropriate authority.pdf

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8.6.1. c

 Details of Integration

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8.6.1. d

 Geotagged photographs

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Institutional mechanism

towards classical way of Ayurveda learning

8.6.2. a

Teaching Schedule.pdf

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8.6.2. b

Attendance & Certificate of completion of schedule hours of teaching.pdf

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8.6.2. c

Assessment, Feedback & Outcome.pdf

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Promotion of

seasonal Panchakarma and implementation of lifestyle modifications including Koumarpanchakarma

8.6.3. a

Protocols & their implementation of Seasonal Pancha karma.pdf

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8.6.3. b

Number of activities of Seasonal Panchkarma & Number of procedures performed .pdf

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Protocols developed for lifestyle modifications.pdf

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8.6.3. d

Details of activities of KaumarPanch Karma.pdf

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8.6.3. e

SOP- Panchkarma.pdf

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8.6.3. f

Clinical Documentation & Details of  New initiations.pdf

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8.6.3. g

Details of Mockdrill of KaumarPanch Karma.pdf

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adopted by the Institution towards Implementation of Swasthavritta Activities

8.6.4. a

Details of Promotional measures undertaken .pdf

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8.6.4. b

List of People & Outcomes .pdf

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institution has taken adequate measures for the preservation & propogation of rare & endangered medicinal plants

8.6.6. a

Activites to Promote conservation and propagation of rare and endangered plants

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8.6.6. b

Geo tagged photographs of  water facility / Garden . Jpg

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8.6.6. c

QR Code .pdf

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 Describe the availability of licenced and

certified teaching Pharmacy for teaching and

demonstration for students & medicine manufacturing

8.6.10. a

Blue Print of Pharmacy .pdf

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8.6.10. b

List of functional equipments.pdf

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8.6.10. c

Manufactured dosage forms.pdf

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8.6.10. d

License of Pharmacy.pdf

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8.6.10. f

MOU with Dhanwantari Ayurveda pharma .pdf

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 Describe the activities

undertaken by the Institution towards practice of various procedures of Kriyakalpa

8.6.11. a

Training Program of Kriyakalpa.pdf

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8.6.11. b

SOP of Kriyakalpa.pdf

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8.6.11. c

Clinical Documentation .pdf

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8.6.11. d

Details of New initiations.pdf

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8.6.11. e

Emergency Kit and Mockdrill of Kriyakalpa.pdf

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Describe the activities undertaken by the Institution towards practice of various types of Anushastra.

8.6.12. a

Training Program of Anushastra.pdf

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8.6.12. b

SOP of Ksharsutra, Agnikarma, Jalaukaavacharan.pdf

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8.6.12. c

Clinical Documentation.pdf

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8.6.12. d

Details of New initiations .pdf

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8.6.12. e

Emergency Kit and Mockdrill of Anushastra.pdf

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 Describe the activities

undertaken by the Institution towards practice of various procedures related to Prasuti and streeroga (uttarabasti, garbhasanskara etc.)

8.6.13. a

Training Program of therapists- Streerog and Prasutitantra .pdf

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8.6.13. b

SOP Streerog and Prasutitantra Dept.pdf

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8.6.13. c

Clinical Documentation .pdf

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8.6.13. d

Details of New initiations.pdf

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8.6.13. e

Emergency Kit and Mockdrill of Streerog and Prasutitantra.pdf

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8.6.14 Describe the facilities available in the Institution towards delivering Pathyakalpana.

8.6.14. a

Availability of well equipped & maintained Pathya facility.pdf

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8.6.14. b

Training Program .pdf

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SOP for Pathya preparation.pdf

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Facilities for instant preparation like swaras,kalka etc.pdf

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Maintenance of hygiene of raw material storage & finished products.pdf

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 Efforts made by the Institution for carrying out Pharmacovigilance activities related to Ayurvedic drugs.

8.6.15. a

Documents related to established Pharmacovigilance center including minutes of meetings.pdf

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8.6.15. b

Mechanism of collection, analysis & reporting of ADR’s .pdf

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Details of the training of human resource .pdf

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Data of reporting of ADRs .pdf

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Certificates for supporting recognition by National Body .pdf

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